Better child contact outcomes Unified resource management, collaboration and reporting tools

ContactsPro is a Child & Family contact management system for professionsals and teams working in the child contact sector.

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Unified Approach

The ContactsPro strategy

ContactsPro aims to bring together all the tools needed to manage an effective and efficient child contact service in one unified platform.

Whether you are a contact supervisor, co-ordinator or senior manager everyone has access to up to date information with referral and case history, previous and future contact meetings and outcome tracking.


Core system features

Person & Family Case Tracking

Record, search & manage the case of an individual child or adult, review past and future contacts and trends.

Contact Series Planning

Easily plan and create contact schedules around complex meeting requirements and manage change in bulk or per contact

Staff Roster & Availability

Contact co-ordinators and support staff can manage their work roster and see their schedule, feeding conflict resolution.

Location & Resource Management

Manage the usage and availability of all the physical and virtual places your service user meet and view on resource calendars.

Advanced Conflict Identification & Resolution

Powerful tools to detect conflicts in your schedules for users, staff and locations with intelligent resolution suggestions.

Resource Usage & Contact Outcome Reporting & Insights

A dedicated reporting dashboard to show resource usage, family & child outcomes, cancellation reason breakdowns and more.

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ContactsPro modules to extend and enhance the system

Visitor Management

  • Digital arrival registration
  • Choose from expected arrivals
  • Prevent "look-backs" in paper log sheets
  • Add attendence performance to case history

Extend Reach

  • Create bespoke forms
  • Distribute to service users and staff
  • Easy to complete on mobile devices
  • Collate and report on submissions

Digital Signage

  • Easy to view office summaries
  • Alerts and alarms
  • Performance and efficiency displays
  • Contact room and waiting room displays


Insights & Benefits of the ContactsPro system

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